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Liberalism in Faith or Morals is a Sin, but is Conservatism a Virtue? MP4



By Mr. Brian Kelly

Theme: What Do 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' Mean?

Brian Kelly’s talk addressed the terms “liberal” and “conservative” exclusively from a religious and moral perspective. Using Saint Paul’s Letter to the Thessalonians as a lede, wherein the Apostle urges the Greeks to “Hold fast, and keep the traditions” which they have received with the Gospel, by letter or word, he demonstrates how the verb “conserve,” in the scriptural sense, means the same as “cherish, protect, and preserve.” The Douay translates the Latin tenete as “keep.” Exalting Our Lady as the exemplar of a “conserver,” he goes through the Old Testament and the New and highlights the conservatives who opposed the liberal “free-thinkers” who deviated from the Faith and traditions that had been passed on from Adam to apostolic times. The presentation examined the “good things” that Catholics have a duty to “conserve” and “pass on,” including the liturgy. Many quotes are provided from the Fathers concerning “tradition” and from popes who fought in modern times against liberalism in all its manifestations.

From 2013 SBC Conference

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