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By Dom François de Sales Pollien

A classic on the spiritual life and the quest for holiness. “To what height the saints have risen! Undoubtedly, not all of them have done the full work of their purification here below. In some, there may be some part left to do in Purgatory. But many have reached the highest peak in this life and entered Heaven at the moment of their death. And as for those in whom a small part of the work was still left to do, they had nevertheless travelled the path to its greatest extent. It goes without saying that they had fully carried out the first part of Christian life — God first — and also that they were already far ahead in the second — God alone. This is why they are so great! They had faith and reason, and they lived according to their faith and reason … They were men like you, with the same passions and nature, as well as with the same reason and faith. And they knew how to rise above their passions, to live according to their reason and faith. They were men! … And will you be a man? A Christian? A saint? Do you have faith?”

193 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-1-8384785-4-4

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