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Saint Luke's Gospel MP3 Set



By Brother Francis, M.I.C.M.

In the early days at Saint Benedict Center Brother Francis Maluf gave twenty-six talks to a class on the book of Luke.

Saint Luke’s Gospel begins in the temple of Jerusalem with the priest Zachary and, for that reason, he is symbolized as an Ox, which was the primary sacrificial victim of the Mosaic law. His is a carefully chronologized historical account of the life of Christ which lays special emphasis on Christ’s true humanity. Brother Francis explains with fascinating erudition why this evangelist, a Gentile, under divine inspiration, recorded so many of Our Lord’s parables and merciful miracles, rather than placing so much emphasis on His being the fulfillment of Jewish prophecies. It is the Gospel of the Incarnation because it presents the story of the Annunciation, when, with Mary’s fiat, the Word was made flesh. Too, as Brother Francis so wonderfully demonstrates, it is Our Lady’s Gospel. Luke alone gives the Church the story not only of  the Annunciation, but of the Visitation, which contains the Magnificat hymn of Mary, and the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the temple. Luke also relates the story of Jesus remaining in the temple for three days at the age of twelve and of the sorrow of His mother in thinking that she had lost Him. Women are figured prominently in this chivalrous Gospel, as was the widow of Naim, the woman with the issue of blood (Luke was physician), and the widow whose “mite” so impressed Christ. (24 Chapters on 26 files)

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