My Way of Life



WL - 01
By Fr. Walter Farrell & Fr. Martin Healy

This handy pocket-size compendium of Thomistic wisdom has been described as the layman's Summa Summae Theologicae ( a summary of summarized theology).With six-hundred pages of text it is more than that. What Dominican Father Walter Farrell succeeded in doing with this ingenious project was what Saint Thomas himself originally intended in a more educated Catholic age, i.e., to publish a complete course in the holy faith "for beginners." Father Farrell and Father Martin Healy, who completed the second part of the work after the primary author's death, forewent with the original Summa's Question, Objection & Reply format as they re-presented the angelic doctor's four-volume scholastic toma and distilled it into a simplified form. Essentially they translated the doctrine of Saint Thomas into prosaic style. My Way of Life faithfully follows the ordered strategy of the Summa by presenting the saint's synthesis of divine knowledge into three parts: first, God, the Trinity, and God's creation; second, man, created in the image of God; and lastly comes the study of the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Both an outline and an index polish off magnificent work, excellent for anyone of any background, high-school age and older..

Softcover, 630 pages

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