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Opening Remarks 2017

SBC - 1.17

By Brother André Marie MICM

2017 Conference

Theme: A Worldview in the Light of Fatima

Opening remarks from Brother André Marie. The theme of the Conference being “A World View in the Light of Fatima” Brother gave thanks to the late John Vennari for inspiring him with the Fatima World View theme. Such a world view can only be effective, he said, if it is unapologetically Catholic, supernatural, concerned above all for the rights of God, and how to interpret current events in the Church and our world in he light of Fatima. Anticipating his own talk and that of other speakers, he quoted Sister Lucia’s words on the “decisive battle” that Satan is waging right now against marriage and the family. Too, quoting from Father Lombardi’s interview with the oldest Fatima seer, Brother noted that Sister Lucia had to correct Father Lombardi’s unwarranted optimism, affirming, with emphasis, what Our Lady had shown her and her two cousins indicating that “many [souls] are lost.”


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