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Panel Discussion 2015 MP3

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Theme: Total Consecration to Mary: The Remedy for our Ills.


Master of Ceremonies, Charles Coulombe, led the Q & A with flair. All of the speakers addressed all of the questions. There were eight questions. The speakers were all at their best — literally at their best — each contributing words of wisdom on various topics.

Some of the questions were very good, others a bit odd, but the speakers handled them all with great finesse and respect. The first question, for example, was “Which pope will consecrate Russia, Emeritus Benedict XVI or Francis? Dr. Dilsaver had to deal with that one. He also brilliantly answered a question on mental health and the use of a psychiatrist. Dr. Dilsaver is a psychologist who uses Thomistic/Aristotelian anthropology in his profession. “How do we encourage people to become Catholic when the Church is going through this ‘diabolic disorientation”? was another question. This one and the answers of the full panel were most illuminating and right on line with the crusade of Saint Benedict Center to convert America. Another question, for C.J. Doyle, our expert on Erin, dealt with the apostasy of Ireland in our times (legalization of same-sex “marriage” recently, and by plebiscite, not judicial fiat). Another question had to do with “attitude.” “What is the attitude a Slave of Mary should manifest”? Sister Marie Thérèse quoted Father Jarecki, our dear deceased chaplain: “Our attitude as Catholics ought to be the B-Attitudes,” she said. The final question was the most relevant. It had to do with the Rosary promises and how to live with an apparent rejection of one’s petition to Mary for a favor. All of the speakers provided good counsel here. But Sister Marie Thérèse, once again, was a simple light when she cited the wisdom of the saints on the subject: “Our Lady always gives us ‘something better’ than what we ask for”. Don’t miss out on listening to this elucidating and entertaining discussion. It was a fitting finale to a great conference. Also Available as CD, DVD, or MP4

The Question and Answer period lasted about an hour. All the speakers had a chance to address the questions.


From 2015 SBC Conference

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