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Panel Discussion 2022 MP4



Theme: "The Catholic Church Has the Answer"

  Panel Discussion (all speakers / moderated)

The excellent questions for this year’s Q & A session, run as follows:


- (:34) Can you talk about the Russian/Ukrainian war? Are there any good issues being fought for?


- (7:18) Mrs. Smith’s sister-in-law has undergone surgery so as to become Mrs. Smith’s brother-in-law. Mr. Smith has a liberal outlook on such things and is in favor of accepting his sister’s decision. Mrs. Smith does not want this relative coming over and confusing the children. Is there a way to protect the children while they are being exposed to this ugly, impure vice?


- (10:16) Libertarians would argue that marriage should not be regulated by the state. Why isn’t it a better idea to embrace the Libertarians in this and reject the federal government’s jurisdiction over marriage, returning it to the Church where it belongs?


- (22:17) Is the declaration of the nullity of a marriage an infallible statement? If not, does an erroneous annulment have the effect of disobeying the Sacrament?


- (32:12) Mr. Doyle, do you support any kind of secession?


- (42:04) Are there objective criteria that could help families distinguish between wholesome music and harmful, degenerate music, or must everyone just listen to chant and polyphony?


- (49:33) If the Saint Benedict Center is such a powerful force for Catholic orthodoxy — and I believe that it is — why is it so small?


- (1:00:41) Mr. Barrett, can you share with us a personal story of the intervention of Saint Joseph? How did you become devoted to him, and how would you suggest we become more so ourselves?

2022 SBC Conference 

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This is a video file of this conference talk.


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