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PT - 04

By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

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In the scholastic sense, psychology is the study of all life, but especially that of man. There is such a thing as Catholic psychology. St. Thomas Aquinas and many other great philosophers taught this subject in it's proper sense. It is simply the study of life; all life. Br. Francis studies all the vital activities which are characteristic of the life principle, which we call the soul, as it is found in all living things; plants, animals and man. He defines the soul as the principle of life in a material being, then discusses life without a soul as found in the angels and in God Who is life. This course is true psychology, not the degenerate modern subject of Freud and Jung etc.

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Introductory Course, Logic, Cosmology, Psychology, Ethics, Greek Philosophy, Polemics, Epistemology, and Ontology

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