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Reign of the Two Hearts: Kingship of Christ and Queenship of Mary

SBC - 5.17

By Charles Coulombe

2017 SBC Conference

Theme: A Worldview in the Light of Fatima

Charles Coulombe spoke about the Reign of the Two Hearts: Kingship of Christ and Queenship of Mary. The “reign” of the two Hearts is not a private but a public matter. Devotion to the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts grew at about the same time, he said, as we see in the apostolate of Saint John Eudes. Mr. Coulombe spoke eloquently about the Kingship of Christ and the Queenship of Mary, on earth as it is in heaven. He presented a summary of papal encyclicals dealing with the universal Reign of Christ (Quas Primas of Pius XI) and the application in societies of the Social Reign of Christ over nations. A major point made by our speaker was that relations with our fellow man, especially those in the Mystical Body, must descend from our adoration of God the Father. There cannot be a brotherhood among men without faith in the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity. Examining ourselves first, we must ask the question: “Are we a city shining on a hilltop for all to see”? Our mission is not “to make America great” but to save souls. Christ must reign in our hearts: “Seek first the kingdom of God and His justice and all else will be added.” In conclusion, Mr. Coulombe reiterated what he emphasized last year, namely doing tangible things to make our faith visible and attractive. Inviting non-Catholics to public devotions is one way to do this. Get involved in local affairs. Be a Catholic presence. We cannot love our country if we do not love our neighbor. The highest patriotism is to share our Faith with our neighbors and society to the best of our ability. Our nation is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Dedication means action.

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