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Repossessing the Real Estate of the Catholic Mind MP4

SBC - 23-7


Theme: "Cultivating and Passing on a Catholic Worldview"

Mike Church — Repossessing the Real Estate of the Catholic Mind

While most Catholics would claim without hesitation to believe in miracles, Mr. Mike Church, founder of the Veritas Radio Network, challenges us to examine ourselves on just how far that belief will go. We are all, to some extent, products of our age, and the Protestant world we live in has sought for centuries not only to strip God’s agency from the miracles commonly associated with great sanctity, but to credit the devil himself with such phenomena. Yet the miracles of the Ages of Faith are not mere fantasy, nor need they be excluded from our age. Mike ends with an appeal to believe as our Fathers did, to become “childlike in our thought.” Conferences are great, but Mr. Church is emphatic—“Now go out and DO something.” Pray for real miracles, he urges us; learn and share the stories of miracles; and, above all, don’t worry about what the future may hold. God is still—always—in control.

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