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Reviving the Catholic Land Movement MP4



Mr. Michael Thomas (of the new Catholic Land Movement) — Reviving the Catholic Land Movement

Mr. Michael Thomas, the motivating force behind the new Catholic Land Movement, shares the edifying story of his return to the Church...through the farm. “Farming stirs in you questions about the nature of reality that can only be answered by the Catholic Faith.” He details how the simplicity of farm life, while it began as a way for him to recover from the trauma he experienced working as an emergency medical responder, grew to be a hobby, then a passion, and finally a vocation. “As Catholics, we are called to a careful, thoughtful, ordered stewardship over creation,” he says, and his words are resonating with thousands of people all over the world. Mr. Thomas lays down as the threefold pillars of the Restoration of the Catholic Land Movement: (1) education: creating curriculum and resources to reestablish traditional schools; (2) connecting with the land: giving and acquiring opportunities for Catholics to actually work on the land; and (3) networking: talking to people, hosting conferences and workshops. Humorous, wholesome, and full of common sense principles, Mr. Thomas’ talk will come as a great encouragement to Catholics. “The social conditions are ready,” our speaker says, “the ground is cultivated for the seed of the Catholic Land Movement to grow.” Find out how you can be a part! 

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This is a video file of this conference talk.


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