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Rights & Wrongs: Ecclesiastically, Socially, and Personally


By Dr. G.C. Dilsaver

Theme: Right and Freedom: Catholic Considerations on Misused Concepts

Title:  — Rights & Wrongs: Ecclesiastically, Socially, and Personally

Author of Three Marks of Manhood and founder of Imago Dei Psychotherapy, Dr. Dilsaver put the issue of “rights” under the concept of “duties.” Whatever rights we have as rational beings derive from our duties before God. We have the duty to live according to the revealed truth: to know, love, and serve God and worship Him in truth. Error has no rights, nor do narcissistic moral aberrations; these are wrongs and, as such, a negation of reality and the natural law. Dr. Dilsaver handles his subject masterfully, one might even say, clinically, as he examines “rights and wrongs” as manifested ecclesiastically from the Protestant revolt until today, socially, and personally. Piety, he emphasizes, is essential in our duty to promote the Catholic counter-culture. It is a gift of the Holy Ghost for which we must pray. From it we have order, in religious worship of God, in the home and family where the paternity and kingship of the father is respected, and in society where true patriotism is valued.

From 2011 SBC Conference

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