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Romancing Wisdom (and Sharing Some) (DVD)

SBC - 5.10.3

By Gary Potter

Theme: The Romance of Wisdom

Title: Romancing Wisdom (and Sharing Some)

Mr. Potter explored the aspect of wisdom as the highest of all the goods worth pursuing. It is the pursuit of wisdom, he said, that brings in the quest that is romance. The more we know the more we know that we don’t know. In this sense wisdom is always more than a possession (although it is a gift), but a seeking. Beginning with natural goods, such as science, philosophy, music, and art, he established the foundation for a soul’s receptivity to grace, which perfects nature and brings it to union with God who has and IS all Goodness and perfection. A major theme of Mr. Potter was the need to seek wisdom with patience and in silence. Without serenity it cannot be found.

2010 Conference

Also Available as MP3 or CD


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