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Saint Mark's Gospel

HS - 04

Saint Mark's Gospel

By Brother Michael, M.I.C.M.

This course was given by Brother Michael, M.I.C.M., in the mid-1980s. Brother Francis had personally tutored Brother, studying the four Gospels with him in the inspired Greek and commenting on every verse. The symbol for Saint Mark is the lion, which gives us the clue that his Gospel emphasizes the power and kingly authority of Christ. While not one of the twelve, Saint Mark was intimately associated with Saint Peter and is traditionally styled Interpres Petri, the "interpreter of Peter." We should expect to find in this Gospel reflections of the Prince of the Apostles, and we do. Peter's spontaneity, for example, is manifest in Mark's repeated use of the word euthus (twenty-eight times), which means "immediately." Mark's is the shortest of the synoptic Gospels. He was martyred in AD 68.

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