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Sanctity: Our Counterrevolutionary Grand Strategy MP4



By Brother André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary


The subject of his talk, “Sanctity: Our Counterrevolutionary Grand Strategy,” was exactly that — becoming holy. Citing several spiritual writers, including Blessed Columba Marmion and Dom Chautard (The Soul of the Apostolate), Brother laid out a strategy for the Counterrevolutionary, for we counterrevolutionaries must all be opposed to the spirit of revolution. Brother stressed that it is not enough, though necessary of course, to be actively militant against all forms of heresy, naturalism, and immorality, but that we must strive to fulfill, by grace, the goal of our creation, union with God through Jesus Christ. There is so much wisdom in this clarion call for Counterrevolutionaries that a simple summary is impossible. This presentation is saturated with valuable insights on how to make good use of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost in the cause of Christ the King.

This is a mp4 video file of this conference talk.

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From 2014 SBC Conference

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