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Nazareth or Social Chaos

NS - 02

By Fr. Vincent McNabb, O.P.

Foreword by Joseph Kelly | Introduction by Cicero Bruce, Ph.D.

This short collection of essays distills the wisdom of Father Vincent McNabb's years of preaching in London's Hyde Park into short tidbits of wisdom, as entertaining to read as they are challenging and thought-provoking. Examining the insanity (and that was 1933!) of urbanized and industrialized life, and its deleterious effects on nature, community, family, and the spirit, Fr. McNabb offers a challenge to his readers to "flee to the fields" and seek a life not dominated by technology and artificial schedules but by the forces of God and nature. Anyone who enjoys a pristine and challenging use of English prose will enjoy this short collection of essays by one of 20th-century England's premier essayists. Anyone looking for "sane" wisdom of hearth, home, field, and stream against the hustle and bustle of our gadgetry-infested suburban rat race will appreciate this refreshing call to return to the sanity of natural and spiritual living. Not settling for offering merely platitutes that recommend palliatives or a mere "tinkering" with the works of what he consideres to be a flawed system, McNabb goes right for the jugular in what's wrong with modern urban living, and unapologetically calls for a latter-day Exodus.

Paperback, 106 Pages

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