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Social Credit in the Light of the Catholic Social Teaching ...


By Mr. Yves Jacques 

Title: Social Credit in the Light of the Catholic Social Teaching and the Application at a Community Level

First-time speaker at our annual conference, Mr. Yves Jacques spoke on Social Credit as an economic solution to the choking usurpation of our earnings by the usurious exactions of today’s money-lenders, the international banks. The speaker is a leader in the Institute of Lay Catholics from Quebec called the Pilgrims of Saint Michael. They live the Holy Slavery to Mary according to Saint Louis de Montfort. Mr. Jacques devoted most of his talk to explaining what he called “the Four Pillars” of the Church’s social teaching: 1) the dignity of the human person; 2) the search for the common good; 3) the principle of subsidiarity; and 4) the principle of solidarity. “Social Credit” is not a bank, he explained. It is “social” because it is a local society dedicated to the common good of a local community and it is a “credit” because the system depends on trust, on a common belief, the word credit coming from credo (I believe). Mr. Jacques explained what money is, stressing that it is a tool to be used by man, not to dominate man, as it does today globally. He then spoke about the social encyclicals of the popes, especially Leo XIII, and their consistent condemnations of organized usury. After providing much information about the takeover of currency by the Federal Reserve (private banks) from the State, he showed how fiat money is used to destroy the Church. His “solution,” as other speakers pointed out regarding Catholic action, must begin at the local level.

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From 2013 SBC Conference


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