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By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

ST-10 Sunday Talks from All Saints Day 1981 to 3rd Sunday of Epiphany 1982

Between 1978 and 1989 in Still River and Bolton, Br. Francis taught us every Sunday after Mass. His talks set us on fire. They truly conveyed to us the spirit of Fr. Feeney and the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center. Every talk was unique, and though he generally used the liturgy for the day as the primary topic, once he began to speak the range and variety of the subjects covered was simply breathtaking! These are talks you will never forget. This is the tenth set in this series and covers the Sundays from All Saints Day 1981 to 3rd Sunday of Epiphany 1982. There are 11 sets(#1 - #10a) in this series. Each set has 12 lectures. All of these lectures were recorded in Still River, MA. Sets#11 - #16 were recorded in Bolton from 1986-89. Available on cassettes or MP3 CD's. 

Sunday Talks ST-10 TOPICS

109 - 101881 -19th Pentecost: Liturgical colors; "Veni, vidi, vici"; St. Luke; 16 great men at the foundation of the Church;

110 - 102581 - 20th Pentecost: Feast of Christ the King; 1648: End of 30 years war; Christian dynasties

111 - 110181 - All Saints: 12 Tribes of Israel; Calling good evil and evil good; Novus Ordo Part 1

112 - 110881 - 22nd Pentecost: Novus Ordo Part 2

113 - 111581 - 23rd Pentecost: "In hoc signo vinces"; Novus Ordo Part 3

114 - 112281 - 24th Pentecost: Obedience to the Pope; SAI Circle in Africa; Novus Ordo Part 4; Third Secret of Fatima;

115 - 112981 - 1st Sunday of Advent: Novus Ordo Part 5

116 - 122081 - 4th Advent: Novus Ordo Part 6

117 - 010382 - Feast of the Holy Name: "Omne datum optimum, et omne domum..."; Novus Ordo Part 7

118 - 011082 - Feast of the Holy Family: Quote from St. Jude; 39:46; Novus Ordo Part 8

119 - 011780 - 33rd Anniversary of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; The Apostle Philip; Novus Ordo, Part 9

120 - 012482 - 3rd Epiphany: "Rabbi, tu es Filius Dei, tu es Rex Israel"; January Feasts; Holy Name of Jesus; Confession of Faith; Novus Ordo Part 10

12 Talks

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