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By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

ST-06 Sunday Talks from May to October 1980

Between 1978 and 1989 in Still River and Bolton, Br. Francis taught us every Sunday after Mass. His talks set us on fire. They truly conveyed to us the spirit of Fr. Feeney and the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center. Every talk was unique, and though he generally used the liturgy for the day as the primary topic, once he began to speak the range and variety of the subjects covered was simply breathtaking! These are talks you will never forget. This is the sixth set in this series and covers the Sundays from May to October 1980. There are 11 sets(#1 - #10a) in this series. Each set has 12 tapes. All of these tapes were recorded in Still River, MA. Sets#11 - #16 were recorded in Bolton from 1986-89. Available on cassettes or MP3 CD's. 61 - 050480 - 4th Sunday after Easter: St. Monica, Duties of 3rd order members 62 - 051180 - 5th Sunday after Easter: Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom, Saints of May 63 - 051880 - Sunday within the Octave of the Ascension: Salvation, Requirements for canonization, Saints of May 64 - 060180 - Trinity Sunday: Dogma, Saints of June, Trinity, O Esca viatorum 65 - 060880 - 2nd Pentecost: Books of the Bible, Salvation, O Esca viatorum 66 - 061580 - 3rd Pentecost: Devotions for the Months, Devotions for the days of the week, O Salutaris Hostia 67 - 062280 - 4th Pentecost: Two Poems by Fr. Feeney, Obedience to God’s authority 68 - 070680 - 6th Pentecost: Baptism & Holy Eucharist, "The Lord is the protector of His people"; July feasts, "The Sacred Heart" by: Br. Francis 69 - 092180 - 17th Pentecost: Jeremias 12:11, Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, Saints of September, Doctors of the Church 70 - 092880 - 18th Pentecost: Rushdi Maluf, O Salutaris Hostia, Tantum Ergo 71 - 100580 - 19th Pentecost: Salus Populi Sunday, October Devotions, Rosary, "God does not want malice" 72 - 101980 - 21st Pentecost: Psalm 118, Poetry and education, Dante

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