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ST-7 Sunday Talks MP3

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By Br. Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M.

ST-07 Sunday Talks from Oct. 1980 to Feb. 1981

Between 1978 and 1989 in Still River and Bolton, Br. Francis taught us every Sunday after Mass. His talks set us on fire. They truly conveyed to us the spirit of Fr. Feeney and the Crusade of Saint Benedict Center. Every talk was unique, and though he generally used the liturgy for the day as the primary topic, once he began to speak the range and variety of the subjects covered was simply breathtaking! These are talks you will never forget. This is the seventh set in this series and covers the Sundays from Oct. 1980 to Feb. 1981. There are 11 sets(#1 - #10a) in this series. Each set has 12 tapes. All of these tapes were recorded in Still River, MA. Sets#11 - #16 were recorded in Bolton from 1986-89. Available on cassettes or MP3 CD's. 73 - 11280 - 23rd Pentecost; Sacramentality of the Church; Importance of poetry; Aubre de Vere “The Sacraments of Nature"; Purgatory; Indulgences; Dies Irae 74 - 11980 - 5th Epiphany: Sundays before Advent; Betrayal of the Church; Five Titles of the Popes 75 - 111680 - 6th Epiphany: St. Gertrude; Charles Warren Stoddard; Memory Items 76 - 112380 - Last (24th) Sunday After Pentecost: Dies Irae; Number Game; Theodore of Studium 77 - 113080- 1st Advent: End Times; Purgatory; Dies Irae; Poem of Virgil translated by Thomas Walsh 78 - 12780 - 2nd Advent: Emily Hickey; December Feasts; Devotion to the Divine Infancy 79 - 121480 - Gaudete Sunday: St. Francis of Assisi; St. John the Baptist and Baptism; Rev. John H. Stapleton; Canticle of Brother Sun 80 - 122180 - 4th Advent: St. Thomas on Habit; Importance of poetry; Description of weekly courses; Number 5; Msgr. Gaumé Catechism of Perseverance; Sign of the Cross; Litany of Loreto 81 - 11181 - Holy Family Sunday: Three major Encyclicals of Catholic Family life; Seven great Christian dynasties; St. Augustine on the Epiphany 82 - 11881 - 2nd Epiphany: January Feasts; Holy Name; Nine Charismata of the Apostles; 6 means of Purification; Wedding of Cana 83 - 2881 - 5th Epiphany: Authority of the Pope; the Number 14; Adoramus te Christe; 1648 Treaty of Westphalia; Birth of Leonard Goffine; Litany of Loreto 84 - 21581 - Septuagesima: Adoramus te Christe; Our Lady of Lourdes; Immaculate Conception; Popes of the 19th Century; Mutatis Mutandis

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