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St. Luke's Gospel: A Commentary for Believers


By Father Thomas Crean, O.P.

St Luke's Gospel: A Commentary for Believers is a careful study of the third, and longest, of the gospels, which aims to make the divine message it contains more accessible to those who already believe it, or who are at least willing to give it a hearing.  The author offers answers to the questions that are likely to arise from a reading of this gospel, and draws attention to meanings that lie hidden beneath the surface of the words.

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In this short book, Fr. Thomas Crean's reading of the Gospel is lively, well grounded in history, but keen to explore the spiritual significance of the text. Don't let the brevity fool you. Fr. Crean draws deeply from the living tradition and conveys it in a way that makes Luke’s gospel come alive in a memorable and invigorating way. —Dr. Scott Hahn, editor of the Ignatius Study Bible: New Testament; founder and president of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Deeping one's understanding of scripture deepens one's knowledge of, and intimacy with, Christ. Too often contemporary exegesis fails to help one do so, animated as it often is by a spirit of criticism or a search for novelty.  This is far from the case with this book…. Time after time, small details in St. Luke’s narrative that initially appear irrelevant or even inconsistent are revealed to open up grand vistas exposing mysteries about who Jesus is, the economy of salvation, and the Jewish context in which salvation history unfolded…. The reader who enters into Fr. Crean’s prayerful consideration of the inspired text of St. Luke’s Gospel will be rewarded with a rich harvest of deepened understanding of Jesus’ words and deeds —Roy Schoeman, author of Salvation is from the Jews

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