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Sunday Sermons of Fr. Dennis Smith #1 MP3

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By Fr. Dennis Smith

This item is the first of this collection of sermons. It covers the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Sundays after Pentecost.

These sermons were recorded at St. Paul's house in Bolton Massachusetts from July 1988 until August 1989, while Fr. Dennis Smith was serving as our chaplain. Fr. Smith is a truly gifted preacher. It's deep and abiding love for our Lord and our Blessed Mother provide him with the zeal necessary for that truly pastoral and soundly Catholic preaching which is so rarely heard from our pulpits today.

Following the traditional liturgical sequence, these sermons are inspiring as well as current and up-to-date in the correct sense. They are a refreshing change from the insipid pap which passes for preaching and so many Catholic churches in our times. One cannot have true catholic preaching until one excepts fullness of the Catholic faith in all her glory is doctrines, even those which are not so popular in our giddy, liberal, ecumenical world today. 


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 68 Minutes

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