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The Art of Praying

AP - 08

By Fr. Romano Guardini

Where did you learn to pray?

At your mother's knee? From the nun or brother who taught your religion class? Has your understanding of prayer matured since then, or do you simply pray, year after year, as you were taught as a child?

No wonder most people have so many erroneous notions about prayer. No wonder our prayers are still far from what they should be!

This remarkable book offers practical ways you can improve your prayers today and grow closer to God. The topics include:

  • How to pray well even when your heart is empty

  • Determining the prayer schedule that's right for you

  • St. Francis of Assisi - the five words that gave this holy man an entire night of contemplation

  • The saints: why all Christians should pray to them - and with them!

  • Spontaneous prayer - why it can be less genuine than formal prayers

  • "Vague cosmic worship" - has it crept into your prayers?

  • The Rosary - just how much of it should you be saying?

  • The posture of prayer - should you pray sitting, standing, or kneeling? It makes a difference!

  • Family prayer: practical hints to make yours even better

  • The Psalms, adoration, liturgical prayer…and much more!

Simple, direct, and profound, The Art of Praying is a helpful guide for the average person in the pew…and even for those rare few who are far advanced in prayer.

"An inspiring prayer guide for us all! Highly recommended."
Scott Hahn

"Long ago, Guardini helped teach me to pray. I rely on his thought."
Rev. Benedict Groeschel

"This book by a true man of prayer has helped me pray better."
Rev. George Rutler


Softcover, 192 pages

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