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The Best Way to Counter the Reformation


By Brother John Marie Vianney, MICM, Tert


Our Third Order Prefect spoke about a few of the great saints and theologians of the Counter-Reformation and how they suceeded not only on account of their Catholic knowledge and writings, but, also on account of their holiness. This talk was a call not for new doctors of the Church but for laymen to fulfill their Marian consecration, or make it if they have not done so already. He pointed out how many saints often have saints for friends, counselors, and disciples. If we are dedicated to Mary, to quote Saint Lawrence of Brindisi (who led the troops as their chaplain against the Moslem Turks in the Battle of Szekesfehevar, Hungary, in 1601), “the victory is ours!”

From 2016 SBC Conference


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