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The Catholic Church Has The Farming Answers! MP4



Mr. Mike Church — The Catholic Church Has The Farming Answers!

Mr. Mike Church, founder of the Veritas Radio Network, says aloud what so many of us are thinking: There is a major chastisement coming — we need to be able to feed ourselves. “People’s instincts are screaming at them to run from the cult of death because it is coming to kill us. The farm,” Mr. Church says, “is our refuge.” You do not need industrial farming techniques in order to farm; Adam, when banished from the Garden, had none. Our Lord clearly shows us in His parables a divine predilection for the agrarian lifestyle, and history has proven that the down-to-earth wholesomeness of farmers is an admirable bulwark against the malice of those who seek the corruption of the masses. Start small, our speaker urges. But start. “You have an inalienable right to own land. Why? Because you have an inalienable right to live.”

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