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The Christian: Called to Heroism

SBC12 - 05

By Gary Potter

Theme: Concerning Heroes and Heroines  

Author and historian, Gary Potter began his talk by contrasting what modern society views as heroism with what it truly is in God’s eyes. The true hero, he said, does not seek affirmation from others, he does what is right and good to please God. He fights for the truth, for wisdom, and beauty even as society opposes it with ugly and insipid falsehoods. He fights for the doctrines of the Faith. On a personal note, Mr. Potter shared with us the reason for the collapse of Triumph magazine, which he helped launch in 1966 with Brent Bozell and other Catholic thinkers. Triumph grew to be unpopular with Americanists for its criticism of laissez-faire capitalism, support for distributism, and its stand on the Vietnam War, which, one of its writers argued, violated Catholic just war principles. Mr. Potter left the audience with a challenge not to get perturbed about a possible martyrdom and the certainty of persecution, but to concentrate on living, heroically.

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From 2012 SBC Conference

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