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The Church at the Turning Points of History

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By Godfrey Kurth

Having survived 2,000 years of attacks, emperors, kings, traditions and philosophies, and heresies and schisms, the Catholic church and its place in history are the focus of this compelling chronicle. This miracle of constant regeneration, the book explains, is both the mystery of the church for nonbelievers and the confirmation of the truth for Catholics. Concise, erudite, and intelligent, the analysis provides a firm grasp and understanding of this longstanding religion's complex history.

About the Author

Godfrey Kurth was a leading Belgian Catholic historian, a Knight of the Order of Pius IX, and the director of the Belgian Historical Institute in Rome. He died in 1916. Patrick Foley, PhD, is a well-known Catholic historian and the author of approximately 140 published works, including three books on Catholic history. He received a papal medallion from pope John Paul II for writing the official essay on the history of the Church in Texas.

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Softcover, 126 pages

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