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The Dogma of Creation as Integral to a Catholic Worldview MP4



Theme: "Cultivating and Passing on a Catholic Worldview"


Hugh Owen — The Dogma of Creation as Integral to a Catholic Worldview

Quintessential to the notion of an integrally Catholic worldview in the basic question of the origins of man. In this compelling, easy-to-follow presentation, Mr. Hugh Owen, Director at the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, shows that “evolution is a fantasy invented by arrogant human beings” who could not accept the fact that there are some things we just cannot know apart from God’s revelation. Quoting Church Fathers and the Church’s own Liturgical texts, Hugh gives the lie to the notion that natural selection over millions of years is something new; he explains why the evolutioinary system is completely impossible; and he demonstrates why theistic evolution is unthinkable in light of the self-revelation of Our Lady at Lourdes. This talk is the perfect introduction to the Catholic position on these and other such critical questions.

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This is a video file of this talk.

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