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The End of Modernity

SBC - 5.18

By Gary Potter

2018 SBC Conference

Theme: Saving America

- Gary Potter criticizes modern society for abandoning Christian civilization and order.

- He argues today's culture worships science and vulgar art instead of saints.

- Gary says having devout Catholics run for office is unrealistic.

- Gary concludes that as long as Catholics embrace vulgar popular culture, efforts to convert society will fail.


Joshua Bell is an American violinist and conductor, born on December 9, 1967, in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. He is one of the most renowned and accomplished classical musicians of his generation. Bell began studying the violin at a young age and made his professional debut with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the age of 14.

Gary provided an example like Joshua Bell's violin performance being ignored while Beyonce's vulgar singing in the Louvre was popular to illustrate his point. (Joshua Bell is a famous violinist who participated in an experiment where he played anonymously on the Metro subway system and only 3 people stopped to listen while most were distracted.)

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