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The Fatima Apparitions, a Review Course

SBC - 2.17

By James Hanisch

2017 SBC Conference

Theme: A Worldview in the Light of Fatima

The Fatima Apparitions: A Review Course. Our new speaker this year was John Hanisch. Author of the Fatima book Only She Can Help Us, our speaker has garnered much expertise on this subject. He also was a writer and an editor for Father Gruner’s quarterly Fatima Crusader. Mr. Hanisch provided a review of the chronology of the Fatima events with some extra information that was new to all his listeners. Our speaker pointed out how Lucia Santos was prepared for her mission from childhood. A shepherdess at seven, she received her First Holy Communion at ten. It was interesting to know that fifty people were present for Our Lady’s second apparition at Fatima and 5000 at the third. Right up until 1952 when Our Lady uttered these heart-wrenching words “I am still waiting the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart” Mr. Hanisch covered all the apparitions and summarized all the messages, adding special emphasis on “reparation” for the outrages committed against the Mother of God.

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