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The Intolerant Lover: Venerable Emmanuel D'Alzon MP3

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Theme: Catholic Saints & Heroes: Models for our Modern Age

Title: The Intolerant Lover: Venerable Emmanuel D’Alzon

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

What an intriguing title! When I first heard "intolerance" and "love" used in the same sentence my interest was automatically aroused. The fact is, that, "those who love much, tolerate little...tolerance is just another form of weakness...", especially in terms of that most beautiful love which is Christian charity. Ven. D'Alzon was a lover who gave his love uncompromisingly to God and he was not afraid to speak strongly against God’s enemies. In this he was so Christ-like. His life's work has many similarities to the Crusade of St. Benedict Center. The order he founded, the Augustinians of the Assumption, has this motto: Adveniat Regnum Tuum (The Kingdom Come),and for this he and his fellow religious labored with inexhaustible zeal. In fact, they even took a fourth vow to extend Christ's kingdom through the Catholic education of youth. The founding of his order is, however, only one of his many accomplishments. A brilliant scholar, his Bishop's assigned him as his personal theologian at the council of Vatican I. He lived his days here on earth in France, during a time of great moral upheaval and intellectual madness, through which he remained a loud and clear voice of sanity and truth. Few people have heard about this saintly champion of the Faith, but he is worth "discovering" as a model apostle for our own time of diabolical disorientation.

(From 2002 SBC Conference)

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