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The Joy of Being Catholic


Title: The Joy of Being Catholic

By Mr. Upton Savoie, Esquire

In this delightful presentation, Attorney Upton Savoie provides plenty of reasons why the life of a grateful Catholic, no matter how bad things are in the Church and society, should be an experience of abundant joy. This is not a fruit that one can partake of corporately; It must be tasted individually. It is, as the speaker so aptly describes it, "an inside job." Having lived through the devastation of the Lord's vineyard (His Church) from his college years on, Mr. Savoie is not advocating by any means some sort of passive detachment when it comes to the crisis afflicting the visible Church; rather, in this warmly personal account, he stresses the necessity of Catholic militancy, a militancy, however, that is nourished by holy joy. In fact, although a traditionalist for all of his adult life, Upton had the "dubious distinction" of attending the first Novus Ordo Mass offered in New England. That was in 1964, in the gym at Holy Cross college. It was an experimental liturgy. Noted by our speaker was the significant fact that not one positive comment followed the experiment, either from the student body or the faculty. After describing his own sadness over the new humanistic orientation in the Church and his personal alienation, even "gloom," he shares with an audience rapt in attention how he made his escape from the malaise of the artificial renewal and found refuge in the crusade of Saint Benedict Center and the traditional liturgy. His "Brother Hugh story" is as inspiring as it is moving, especially to those of us who knew the saintly brother. For those who need a break from the paltry diet offered by professional wailers, this exuberant talk will help restore your proper spiritual pH.

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