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The Leonard Feeney Omnibus

LF - 04

By Father Leonard Feeney

Back in Print!

This book is a collection of some of Father Feeney's poetry books: Survival Till Seventeen, Fish on Friday, In Towns and Little Towns, and You’d Better Come Quietly, Poems, Verse as well as some of his other works.

You will rarely encounter another modern Catholic poet and writer with such depth of faith and dramatic power with words as Father Leonard Feeney. Frank Sheed, of Sheed & Ward, his original publisher and a well-known Catholic writer himself, once labeled him “America’s Chesterton”. Coming from a Catholic Englishman, that is a grand compliment indeed for an American Irishman!

“The priest more than a member of any other profession, understands human nature profoundly, and when this is coupled with literary ability, wittily and tolerantly presented, the product is truly delightful.” — Commonweal
“Father Feeney has… revealed the playfulness of his wit, the keenness of his observing eyes, the tenderness of his Irish heart . . .
and above all the dramatic power which is his…” — America
“We need   more like him. His laughter is as light as his faith is deep.”  — Boston Evening Transcript: under the heading “Favorite Poet”



This book contains the things I like best of all I have written up til 1943. It does not contain the things I hope to write from now
on. And so, though it is called an “omnibus,” it is not to be taken as an “obituary.”
 My publishers have been very kind in letting me make my own choices. A number of things have been omitted, over protest of my friends. But a poet—if such I be—must ultimately be his own critic, his own chooser. It is one of the few freedoms left a man in this merciless age.
 I am not, as one critic has kindly suggested, “a poet of many personalities.” I am a poet of one personality who has had many moods. I realize I could have made a much greater reputation for myself if I had written everything in one groove. But in this matter I took a cue from God the Father—who is the poet, the maker, in God—and who could have made a much greater reputation for Himself if He had made the lion and omitted the mosquito.
 Other than this, I offer no apologies.
L. F. August 6th, 1943.

A collection of Prose, and Verse, Old and New. 

Hardcover, 380 Pages

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