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The Poems of Joseph Mary Plunkett


By Joseph Mary Plunkett

"A hero and a soldier, too, they buried him in lime. Upon his wedding-morn they slew, a lover in his prime. Into a burning ditch they threw, a poet and his rhyme."

The almost unbearable beauty of the love story of Joseph and Grace which encompasses not only their own love for each other,but also their love of God and of Ireland, has fascinated me for many years. The story of that love is told most succinctly and beautifully in the poem by Father Feeney at the beginning of this book. But there is much more to the story than that.

Plunge yourself into the beauty and mysticism of the poems of Joseph Plunkett,the Military Commander of the Easter Rising and youngest signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic who stood with Pearse, McDonagh, and Connolly as they cast their fates upon the cause of freedom for Ireland.

A famous priest once said that other than those committed to the life of religion, the two types of persons most likely to save their souls were poets and soldiers. Joseph Mary Plunkett was both.

82 Pages, Softcover

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