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The Rural Solution

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By various authors.

Subtitled: Modern Catholic Voices on Going Forward to the Land.

Is a return to the land utopian folly or outdated futility? Or is it rather the sine qua non for a Catholic Renaissance in every aspect of our temporal, intellectual, cultural and religious lives?

The Rural Solution features five modern Catholic perspectives on religion and rural life: Ruralism vs. Urbanism by Bishop Richard N. Williamson, Distributism: Economics as if People Mattered and The Why and How of a Parallel Economy by Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Two Pigs and a Cow by Christopher McCann (on urban-industrial alienation and the wholeness of agricultural labor), The Economics of the Catholic Family by Dr. Walter John Marx and The Better Life by Willis D. Nutting. These authors are unanimous in declaring that a return to the land is the Catholic solution: one that is desirable, practical and urgently needed. It is neither nostalgia nor daydreaming, but a necessary first step.

"Every possible care should be taken to preserve for the nation the essential elements of what may be termed genuine rural civilization." Fr. Dennis Fahey, The Church and Farming, 1953.

Softcover, 102 pages.

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