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The Saints and Church Unity MP3

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Titled: "The Saints and Church Unity"

By Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M.

Most traditional Catholics in the West, when they hear the term “rites” as applied to the Holy Mass, think of the Latin Rite or Byzantine Rite.  Some may be familiar with the Ukrainian, or the Maronite, or Melkite Rite of Liturgy. The eastern Catholics do not use the word “Mass,” but, rather “Liturgy” when referring to the holy sacrifice and its ritual. Recognizing the importance of both eastern and western rite Catholics to know what the approved divine liturgies are, where they are used, where they originated, and how they originated, Brother André devoted himself to much study and research to bring the knowledge of the Church’s liturgical inheritance to his listeners.  This is a very informative presentation, and long overdue for Latin rite Catholics to hear. It highlights the universal beauty that the Church’s traditions exude.  Here is a sample of what you will be treated to in this lecture: "The point of this is that all of these rites of the Church are authentic rites...they are all branches that are grafted into the vine. They all get the Divine sap of the Precious Blood of Christ, which sanctifies, which makes saints; which is what the Church is supposed to be doing; making saints."

(From Saint Joseph Forum 1999)

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