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The Social Reign of Christ the King MP4

SBC-98 - 9


By Gary Potter

Theme: Honoring the Feast of Christ The King

Title: The Social Reign of Christ the King

Pope Pius XI’s promulgated his 1925 encyclical, Quas primas, in affirming the traditional teaching that Christ and His laws must not only rule the hearts of men in the private life but also in civil affairs and explained how the evils in present societies persist because Christ has been dethroned by the goddess of reason and liberalism. Mr. Potter presents the background for this teaching, cites authors to give us more insight, seeks to explain what liberalism is, how it arose, and its effect on society. He exposes the French Revolution and its spirit of men determining for his own will how society is to be regulated. The Pope’s encyclical was practically ignored, even censored, by most of those whom it was written for, the world’s bishops and those especially in the United States. Mr. Potter’s presentation is taken from a larger written work he’s authored titled As It Is In Heaven: Christian Living and Social Order


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This is a mp4 video file of this conference talk.


(From 1998 SBC Conference)

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