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The Uses of Enchantment

SBC - 23-6

Theme: "Cultivating and Passing on a Catholic Worldview"


Charles Coulombe — The Uses of Enchantment: Fantasy Literature and Folklore as Means of Instilling a Sacramental View of Life


“I would like to tell you,” says Mr. Charles Coulombe, author of The Pope’s Legion, “that we Catholicss are at the height of fervor all the time. But the truth is that we get bogged down.” At its best, fantasy can remind us of the incredible mysteries of our Faith that we tend to forget. Drawing on his rich understanding of history and literature, Charles shows that when the Protestant Revolt came, it did untold damage to culture by initiating the long, slow process of putting the miraculous into the category of folklore. But, for the Catholic mind grounded in reality, the overwhelming and inspiring truth is that “we are living in a universe governed by a God Who wants us to come Home—to see beyond the lies around us.”


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