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SBC12 - 04


By Sister Mary Peter, M.I.C.M. 

Theme: Concerning Heroes and Heroines  

Title: Unsung Heroes and Heroines: Living Up to the Challenge of Faith Today

Sister Mary Peter took a different approach for her topic “Unsung Heroes and Heroines” by putting the heroic challenge of the cross on our own shoulders. “There is a desire in everyone to be a hero or a heroine,” she said. Then she shared this gem of wisdom from the spiritual writer, Father William Doyle, S.J.:

“Heroism is a virtue which has an attraction for every heart. It seems to lift us out of our petty selves and make us for a moment forget our own selfish interests. It appeals irresistibly to the noble-minded; to the cowardly, even, it is a powerful stimulus. Thus it is that in all times the saints have ever had such an attraction for men---they are heroes!” A plethora of spiritual authors were cited by Sister, and many wise men and women, some canonized, most not. In essence: no compromise, do not give in to unholy caution, set a good example, be Eucharistic, and love the Blessed Mother. These things will make you a hero in God’s eyes.

From 2012 SBC Conference

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