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Vocatio Viri: "How I Learned Stop Worrying And Save The Free World" MP4

SBC - 6.17


By Mike Church

2017 SBC Conference

Theme: A Worldview in the Light of Fatima

Mike Church was with us again this year. The title of his talk Vocatio Viri: “How I Learned Stop Worrying And Save The Free World” demanded an explanation. And Mr. Church, as anyone knows who has listened to his radio program, knows how to impel a curious audience. By baptism, we are all called. Vocation is a calling from God, an abiding full-time job to be fulfilled on earth. Our speaker began with a brief summation of his own reversion back to the Catholic Faith in 2010. By 2012 he was a “traditional” Catholic. And what did he do about his Vocatio? He brought it into his radio show with both barrels blazing. Inevitably this got him fired. And getting fired was the grace that moved him to launch his own radio station. So, our speaker, uses his program to fight the good fight and reach souls with the truth. Quoting Saint John Paul II, he said: “Do not say I am only one person, what can I do?” Look at Father Feeney, he said. Numbers don’t matter. There were only eleven good Apostles! “Father Feeney did not take his vocation as an adjective or noun, but as a verb.” Now that’s quotable. That’s propelling! The presentation ended gloriously with a tribute to Saint Joseph.

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