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Vocations and Your State in Life MP3

SBC-98 - 10


Theme: Honoring the Feast of Christ The King

Title: Vocations and Your State in Life

By Fr. Sergius Maria

Fr. Sergius Maria is a bi-ritual (Latin/Slavonic Rites) priest who graduated in Rome from the Russicum, the Angelicum, and the Pontifical Oriental Institute. As such, Father is immersed in the liturgical life of the Church and offers his wisdom about it in this talk. The religious life is objectively the most perfect state in life because it’s a life of total consecration to God, tending to the perfection of charity, by living the fullness of the Church’s liturgical life in the Office and daily Mass. The layman and family are also called to live a liturgical life, a book that helps one towards this end is Dom Prosper Gueranger’s The Liturgical Year. A liturgical life is Catholic in so much as it receives the tradition as it is and transmits it in the movement of the Holy Ghost. Father examines twelve points of comparisons of the practices in the rites that should ideally occur. It is in considering these points that one does not just leave the Novus Ordo liturgy but also the Novus Ordo mentality. It is not enough to protest the liturgical revolution, something which traditionalists often get sidetracked on, but to go beyond it to a profession of faith; to deepen our faith and love in that essential and most primordial dogma, no salvation outside the Church.

(From 1998 SBC Conference)

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