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What Is the Revolution?


By Mr. Gary Potter 

Theme: Catholic and Counterrevolutionary

Expanding on the theme of the conference, Mr. Potter emphasized that a good Catholic has no choice but to be a counterrevolutionary. So it was throughout the history of the Church, and more so today being that the revolution against the divine order is global. Gary began his talk with a quote from Chou En-Lai, first Premier of Communist China. When asked what he thought about the French Revolution, En-Lai answered: “It’s too early to tell!” Mr. Potter then went on the highlight major events in the war against Christendom from 1789 on. One of the most crushing victories, Gary said, was Woodrow Wilson’s dragging the US into WWI in order to destroy the Catholic Austrian Hungarian Empire and “make the world safe for democracy.” Mr. Potter rounded up his talk with the most inspiring words I've ever heard from a podium in defense of “lost causes.” We are called not to be victorious in this battle here on earth, but to be noble and humble in battle. Our victory is interior. We fight for the Reign of Christ the King. We do not “put our trust in princes,” Mr. Potter reminded us in ending his talk, but our hope and trust is in “the Lord our God”  (Psalm 145).

From 2014 SBC Conference

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