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Theme: What Do 'Liberal' and 'Conservative' Mean?

By Mr. Gary PotterWhere Do We Go From Here?

Gary Potter gave a provocative and evocative presentation that centered upon the “we” and the “here” in his title: Where do we go from here? Who are the “we”? asked Mr. Potter rhetorically but realistically. We identify ourselves in certain terms, i.e., traditional, right, but what we are, are Catholics who take the Faith seriously. We must face reality and not be looking for a “magical” solution that will bring about a New Christendom tomorrow with a great Catholic leader. Gary’s talk was a no nonsense wake-up call not to be insular and self-righteous, but to live in the world with patient endurance as a means of heroic testimony. And where do we go from here? The “here” is the age of unbelief, liberalism, and paganism in which we live. It is, even more personally, the “here” of a wounded Church that appears to be “on the losing side of history” as we live it. This talk was not intended to be, nor was it, negative. Mr. Potter asked: What can we do, as Catholics, to be a ferment in a society that is fed-up with programs and promises that ignore the issues of justice? He suggested making allies with those who are involved in causes that we can agree with. He mentioned four such causes that are not the typical that good Catholics do engage in. You may be surprised, as were the listeners, as to which causes we can support (and may be doing so to some extent already). And why do so? To form alliances on the local level for the common good, and, by example, gain a convert to the Faith.
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From 2013 SBC Conference 

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