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Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Catholic Politics (But...


Title: Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Catholic Politics (But It's not What You Might Imagine): Theoretical Notes and Historical Anecdotes.

By Mr. John Sharpe

The driving point of this extremely informative talk was that a “Catholic” politics today, in a de-christianized society, is to work within whatever governing system one is under toward effecting policies that place human virtue as top priority. If the citizens are educated in virtue, and subsidiarity is the rule of law, common or otherwise, a just society can more easily flourish. Mr. Sharpe noted that the “common good” of all temporal societies must encourage virtue, for without it the state is doomed to failure. No earthly society can be perfect, and, in the event of injustice, the Church has indirect authority to intervene in the secular affairs of Christian societies — be they that in name only — to uphold the moral law. Many insightful authors and canonists were cited by this gifted and critical thinker to help shed light on the proper relation of Church and State.

From 2008 SBC Conference

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