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2008 SBC Conference Set

Theme: The Light of Our Faith in the Darkest of Times

But sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you (1 Peter 3:15).

Preaching to the choir?  One often hears objections such as this one as a reason for not attending our conference.  It simply does not fly.  While there are many good reasons some friends cannot join us for our annual conference this one doesn’t make sense.  First, no one is preaching.  In fact, this year we were not even able to land a “preacher (priest) as a speaker. And, since when are choirs so “above it all”?  It seems rather proud to place oneself in this elite class and rather insulting to those who really are in the “choir,” and who humbly crave a good sermon. Furthermore, the lay speakers, who worked hard at preparing a topic that would inform as well as inspire, concerned themselves only with sharing information relative to the crisis in the Church today — information that is surely conducive to Catholic wisdom and knowledge.  Attendees are obviously free to disagree with a speaker, but, even so, there is always something worthwhile to be garnered, some fresh insight, some opposing consideration, that hones the intellect – even if by way of contrast.

Here at the monastery in Richmond, Dr. Maike Hickson, Joseph Topalian, and Third Order Prefect, Brother John Marie Vianney, M.I.C.M., Tert. gave very inspiring talks on their respective topics.  Mrs. Hickson whetted the listeners’ appetites for good Catholic literature. Mr. Topalian provided a fascinating tour of his own eventful life, filled with adventure and challenge, in the navy during World War II, in an eastern-rite seminary, and as a Catholic Armenian in America.  The Tertiary Prefect spoke about the most holy and most intimate of all “unions,” the holy “Communion” that is achieved by the Son of God and the members of His Mystical Body through the worthy reception of the Blessed Sacrament, which, the speaker stressed, ought to be our “daily Bread.”

The line up of speakers for the three days in Nashua provided an impressive variety of expertise.  Host Gary Potter challenged the theme of the Conference that these days are “the darkest of times” by highlighting days not long gone past where horrific crimes were committed against Catholics on account of their Faith. Gary’s point was that the light of Faith shines more brilliantly and the charity of the just radiates more intensely when fueled by persecution. 

All of the speakers, from a variety of angles, contributed magnificently to the theme of the Conference by demonstrating, either through examples in the lives of the martyrs or through instructive knowledge concerning the incorporation of Catholic principles in family and social life, that no matter how evil the age nothing can stop one from being a light in the darkness. The presentations, as you can see from the titles of the Conference recordings that we are offering, cover a wide range of Catholic erudition, all of which can equip us to confront more powerfully the wiles of Satan, the grand architect of today’s pervasive confusion.

We know how difficult it is to put aside the money and time to attend our conferences in person; however, by purchasing the tapes or CDs you can count yourself a part of the experience. You may have missed the social benefits of the convention, but don't miss out on the educational, which is far more important.

The recordings are all excellent quality reproductions. They would make a valuable gift for an interested neighbor, priest, religious, friend, or relative.

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