Br. Francis on Faith According to St. Thomas Aquinas MP3





In these recordings Br. Francis reads or paraphrases select articles from the Treatise on Faith found in St. Thomas' Summa Theologica and offers brief commentaries on the text. Only a few of the questions from the treatise are discussed. Topics chosen include: 
- What is the definition of faith?
- Whether faith resides in the intellect? 
- Whether the act of faith is meritorious? The role of the will in relation to faith.
- Whether it is necessary for salvation to believe certain things explicitly? 
- Whether faith is one virtue? "One Lord, one faith, one baptism"
- Whether faith is the first of the virtues? Is it possible to have hope without faith, or charity without hope?
These recordings are short in length as they are excerpted from courses in which more than one subject was being discussed. They should still, however, give the listener an appreciation of the wisdom that can be learned from the Angelic Doctor and a thirst to study more. 
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